"What happens at the end of the film must tap the subconscious for its power. To do this one must bypass words and move into the world of dreams and mythology. This is why the literal clarity one has become so used to is not there. But what is there has visceral clarity. It is for this reason that people are responding so emotionally. The film is getting to them in a way they are not used to. Obviously, in making the film we had to have some specifics in order to design, build and shoot. This has no value to the viewer even if he thinks otherwise."Here is what we used for planning:"In the Jupiter orbit, Keir Dullea is swept into a star- gate. Hurtled through fragmented regions of time and space, he enters into another dimension where the laws of nature as we know them no longer apply. In the unseen presence of godlike entities, beings of pure energy who have evolved beyond matter, he finds himself in what might be described as a human zoo, created from his own dreams and memories."He sees himself age in a time-mirror, much as you might see yourself in a space mirror. His entire life passes in what appears to him as a matter of moments. He dies and is reborn-transfigured; an enhanced being, a star child. The ascent from ape to angel is complete.”



 キューブリックは『2001年宇宙の旅』について、終始「説明はしない」という態度を示していましたが、クラークの小説版が出版されたあたりから、ネタバレとも言えるコメントやインタビューをするようになりました。1970年のジョセフ・エルミスによるインタビュー(『イメージフォーラム増刊号 キューブリック』に掲載)では、しっかりとラストシーンについてネタバレしています(詳細はこちら)。